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Presenting IMAGE noise-isolating headsets from Klipsch.

It’s not only the world’s littlest in addition to lightest complete-range in-ear canal headset style, IMAGE coming from Klipsch fuses way of life, technology, as well as forge use a personalised suit and produce a perfection-updated acoustical experience. Status symbol goods such as the ipod touch, possess performed an essential use in making technological know-how trendy nowadays, so that it is essential to establish a elegant audio recording accouterments which could bring superior sound to the in-vogue fans.

Klipsch IMAGE–if you’re every bit serious about sound
as you are regarding fashion

Total Comfort

IMAGE earbuds use translucent patent-pending Contour Ear Gels which are anatomically meant to correctly suit the inside of the ear canal. These types of comfortable, elliptical silicon tips lessen ear canal fatigue as well as offer an incredible seal for excellent noise isolation along with increased deep response.

Mainly because ear canal dimensions fluctuate, every IMAGE model is sold with 5 unique ear gel shapes: small, medium, and large single flange designs in addition to small  to large dual flange types. This kind of range will allow Most of these headsets to fit more  people compared to the oppositions.

Full Immersion

Within these kind of lightweight gems, you will discover over 60 years of audio frequency experience able to permit you to listen to precisely what you have been wanting. Distinctive extended-frequency KG926 balanced micro-armatures deliver an excellent acoustic experience with all the sensitive accuracy you have come to anticipate from Klipsch.

By far the smallest in addition to lightest complete-variety in-ear earbuds for Total Appeal

Absolutely essential-get music accessory pertaining to in vogue-future listeners, IMAGE earphones feature light weight aluminum bodies completed throughout gorgeous anodized copper as well as luxurious, streamlined black “tails.” Aside from visual attractiveness, these kinds of flexible “tails” decrease cable stress in addition to function as a great acoustic dampener to minimize cable disturbance.

Full Pleasure

Furthermore, Klipsch has gone to outstanding measures to guarantee the long-lasting durability of IMAGE, as much as and including the fifty-inch-long vinyl cables. The company provides added in ideal strain relief to each and every cable joining position to help prevent wire damage, while also putting IMAGE by means of extensive “real life” examination.

Full Capabilities in addition to Added Frills

Klipsch IMAGE earbuds have got accurate-to-life audio engrossment for all routines: from travel to exercise to merely relaxing along with listening to your chosen music. Their individually little, classy style gives unparalleled comfort and an amazingly appropriate fit. Making use of their special durability they are able to go the extra mile along with you where ever you could possibly go with many portable devices including apple ipods, the i phone along with every product having a earphone jack. These headsets include a man-made-leather carrying case and compact pouch, a 1/4-in adaptor, an airline adaptor, 5 sets of ear gels in addition to a good ear gel cleaning device.

Product Description

It is not only by far the littlest and lightest total-range in-ear headphone design and style, the Klipsch Image fuses way of life, engineering, and fashion use a individualised fit along with offer a new accuracy-tuned acoustic experience. IMAGE earphones implement translucent patent-pending Contour Ear Gels that are anatomically built to precisely fit inside a person’s ear canal. These types of smooth, oval silicon tips lessen ear fatigue along with offer an incredible seal intended for splendid sound isolation in addition to greater bass response. Because ear canal proportions change, every IMAGE model is included with 5 unique ear canal gel measurements: small, medium, and large single flange types along with small and large double flange styles. Exclusive extended-frequency KG926 balanced micro-armatures provide a top-notch acoustic experience with each of the sensitive accuracy you have come to expect from Klipsch. IMAGE earphones feature light weight aluminum bodies completed in stunning anodized copper in addition to smooth, streamlined black “tails.” In addition to aesthetic attraction, these types of flexible “tails” lessen cable tension and serve as a great acoustic dampener to reduce cable noises.

Klipsch Image S5i Rugged In-Ear Headphones

Whether you shred the slopes or pound the pavement, you need headphones that can keep up with you. With a mic to take phone calls, a carrying case with flashlight, and a three-button remote control to easily navigate playlists and calls (even if you’re wearing gloves), the Image S5i Rugged is like the MacGyver of headphones. This unique in-ear headphone offers bold styling, highly intelligible phone calls and full music and/or voice control on select Apple products.

Comfort on the Go

Perfect for runners, skaters and other adventure seekers, the Klipsch Image S5i Rugged headphones, with in-line mic and three-button remote, are extremely durable, yet still deliver the same high-quality comfort and sound that has made Klipsch popular. Designed to live with the elements, the Image S5i Rugged has a competitive edge because, unlike other brands, it uses patented oval ear tips for unequaled comfort and a secure fit.

The headphones and remote are moisture tested to offer weather resistance for outdoor activities. The Image S5i Rugged features a unique Apple-based mic and three-button remote system for taking calls and having full music and/or voice control on select iPod and iPhone models. The buttons on the remote are slightly enlarged, making them easy to navigate when on-the-go or wearing gloves.

High-Performance Sound

In addition to unequaled comfort, these exclusive ear tips create a perfect acoustic seal to produce Klipsch’s renowned, high-performance sound. The passive noise cancellation provided by the ear tip blocks out more noise than powered competitive noise cancelling headphones. Because we want you to be rocking out to your favorite tunes for a long, long time, the seal also allows you to enjoy your music at lower, safer volumes.

The Image S5i Rugged features powerful dual magnet motor structures allowing for powerful bass and low distortion. These headphones sound amazing, with clear highs and enhanced lows.

 Klipsch Headphones – Are They The Best ?

Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones (Black) (Electronics) After seeing a glowing review of the new Image S4 headphones on Cnet, I had to dive in and purchase the day of release from Amazon. I have Bose In-ear headphones and these just flat out blow those away. At $75.00 I cannot imagine that anything can compare to this sound quality. The sound is incredibly well balanced and the fit and comfort is perfect.

1) Price/Sound Quality Ratio. Great full sound with excellent bass, but not too deep like the Bose. Great mid and high level’s excellent for all different     types of music.
2) Comfort: They come with a case and several different sizes of in ear plastic. The Bose headphones had plastic that came off all the time and if you lost them, you would have to find replacements. These will not come off unless you want them too. They feel good in your ear and comfortable.
3) Noise Isolation: Indeed these do an excellent job of isolating outside noise based upon the precise fit of the ear pieces.

4) Cord length: The cord is the perfect length for me. Not too long, not too short. The Bose headphones have a cord that is just too long and cumbersome.

1) Not really a true negative, but if you are not looking for a sound isolating headphone, do not purchase these. I walk the dog outside quite a bit and have a hard time hearing things around me like traffic or trail runners, which at times can be dangerous. Just something to think about.

If you are looking at purchasing a replacement for a lost or broken pair of iPod headphones, save your money and purchase these. The difference in sound quality between these and stock headphones is clear and vast. I really liked the Bose in ear headphones when they were first released, but these just flat blow those out of the water for overall balanced sound quality and comfort.

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